Eagle’s Golden Egg In Solomon Has Been Found!!!

Eagle’s Golden Egg at the 2018 Solomon Festival has been found!

Congrats to Rob V. of Solomon for finding Eagle’s Golden Egg! The Golden Egg was hidden west of W 6th and Chestnut Street on the southwest side of the bridge, between the guardrail and the wooden post next to the cement barricade.



Answer to the clues:

Clue #1 – Fallen shade – a fallen tree in the creek by the bridge

Clue #2 – Walk easier on the other side – sidewalk on the other side of the road

Clue #3 – Not graveled – the bridge is on a paved road

Clue #4 –  Wrecked ones don’t work – a wrecked bicycle in the creek under the bridge

Clue #5 – Black and White one way and Black and Yellow the other – the cautions signs on the east and the west side are different colors.